How to select a topic for your blog

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Before you select a name for your blog, you will need to choose a topic for your blog. First thing you need to figure out is the purpose of your blog. Setting up a blog and writing it is the easiest part. Getting readership is a whole another challenge.  Below are some examples of why people blog:

  • To offer information I am an expert in to help others.
  • To share my opinion on things that matter to me.
  • I want to make side income.
  • I want to increase traffic to my site.

Once you have your purpose, you can jot down possible blog topics. The sky may be the limit but we should narrow down to help you be successful with your purpose.

Select a topic which you are passionate about

This isn’t a requirement. There are certainly successful blogs where you are not passionate about. However, blogging something you are passionate won’t make it feel like a chore. Is there a topic you read about on a daily basis which excites you? One easy way to blog is to become an authoritative aggregator of a genre. I have a friend who blogs on a very popular Japanese robot series. What he does is aggregates the news of the day that comes out of Japanese websites for English readers. He gets roughly 10-20k page views A DAY! He’s immensely immersed in this series and he started by blogging about the news and latest toys coming from the Japanese blogs, news, and announcements from toy makers. Very soon, his blog became the single most authoritative site for all things concerning that robot. You can do it too.

Find a niche within your topic

The other day I was sharing my blogging experience to a female friend who was interested in starting a blog to monetize. I asked her what her interests were. She said she was interested in the NBA. She loved basketball. I told her if there is anything particular about the NBA that she has interest in. A particular team. She said Oklahoma Thunder and Russell Westbrook. Well, NBA fan blogs and even OKC Thunder fan blogs are probably over saturated and would be hard to get into a niche. She really didn’t have much of an edge to set herself apart from other blogs. If she had access to a team insider, then that would be a different story. I asked her what else is she interested in and she said women’s fashion.


I asked her how about a blog on NBA Women’s fashion? The landscape for a plain NBA or women’s fashion blog may be over saturated but She can blog about the latest trend in NBA women’s accessories, jerseys, fashion, accessories, and even posting pictures of female celebrities and what they wore to courtside. She can then become an affiliate for, Amazon, or ebay and generate income from the blog. The topic is something she is interested in and it is something she is already scrubbing the web for.

Find something marketable

To monetize your blog, you need to find a topic that is marketable. Ultimately you need to write about something which will make your reader take out that credit card and make a purchase. A lot of work has been cut out for you. UPS released a research citing that 46% of consumers buy things online and that number is likely to cross 50% mark this year. Companies have done a great job in ensuring consumer confidence when making purchases online.


Next, I will post on how to monetize your blog with actual affiliate partners and how to apply to them. Make sure you subscribe!


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